Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It is okay to be broken…

If we want to know the mysteries of love more than anything, to know the truth of who and what we are more than anything, we will never be able to hold it all together. In the realm of love there is no ground, no safety, no security, no final resting place in our fables of “awakening.” It is okay, friends, to allow yourself to fall apart. No need to resist this any longer; for you were never together to begin with. Love can never be contained or limited or resolved. Fall apart and never put yourself back together again – and see what is forever and into eternity untouched by concepts of “together” and “apart.” 

The movement of love is that movement of being forever broken open, the heart no longer protected - fully exposed, utterly naked, unbearably vulnerable in the face of the preciousness of being human.  Life has no interest in you being “awakened” or “enlightened” or “self-realized” or “God-realized” or in any other conceptual, constructed mythology – all of this spirituality of me and my experiences, of me and my specialness, of a better and more awesomer me me me is obliterated in the raging furnace of love, seen ultimately to be yet another expression of fear, control, and power. 

It’s okay to be broken, for in your brokenness love can then pour through the cracks of your being – as the most luminous transformative light - through the cells of your heart, through all of the broken open places, and scatter its essence throughout this world.