Monday, December 31, 2012

Burning up in the raging furnace of love…

It requires tremendous courage to no longer take refuge in any idea or concept to tell us who we are and what this life is. In the uncertain, ahistorical, acausal heart of reality, there is no confirmation for personal identity. There is no “awakening” here, no enlightenment for me, no magical stories of how I’ve “shifted” from this to that, no “final” and “permanent” “states” where we’re protected from conflict, safe from the burning fires of intimacy. There is no longer a landing place for the separate self; none of this has any meaning from the perspective of love. 

The concept of a “full” or “permanent” reality or condition crumbles as any other construction of fear and is revealed to be a projection of the unresolved child within, daydreaming that they are happy on the playground, protected and kept safe from a reality that is utterly groundless. Love will remove any “permanent” egoic landing place as it wishes, pulling the rug out from under the spirituality of me, if that is what is required for its essence to pour through this reality, reorganizing *everything* in its way. The fable of the final resting place, the “awakened” me, “fully” this, “final” that, “permanent” the other - simply burn up in the raging furnace of love.  

How might love move through us then? How will love make use of this body and these senses as vehicles of grace? In this burning up, the possibilities of what is next suddenly move from conditioned and finite to unconditioned and infinite.