Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A natural human spirituality...

When we open all the way to love, a wild grace takes us over, showing us that our life is not and never was a problem after all, that needs to be solved, transcended, transformed, “accepted,” loved, witnessed, or otherwise subjected to the endless spin of spiritual process. Perhaps *this* state of consciousness - right here, right now – given as the most radical expression of luminous love – might be beheld as a sacred messenger from beyond, bearing endless gifts, the only expression of grace that could *ever* be. It is finally seen that there is no grace waiting around the corner, in the wake of some new magical spiritual process, 2012 dream fantasy, through some fabulous “awakening” “given” to us by some supernatural cosmic being, or when we otherwise become ultra special and finally have the right series of pre-programmed, constructed spiritual experiences and “states.” 

The only grace that could ever be is pouring through your heart right in this very instant – in the most unique and creative ways that are your gifts to this world – expressing itself in an uncontained way in and as each and every beat of your heart. Let us open to a natural human spirituality in which we honor the sacredness of this world by giving our lives to it *right now* - and setting aside forever the dream of a grace that comes in the future. We see once and for all that the future grace fantasy, the future “awakening” fable, the mythologies of personal “enlightenment,” the rambling stories of me and my specialness and me and my “shift” – that these just might be expressions of the movement of fear, not love.