Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm not sure how I could be any luckier...

I’m not sure how I could be any luckier… a lonely beach, mother Ocean all around me – the sweetest holding environment for this raw, vulnerable, broken-open heart. How lucky I am to have so many dear friends in my life, that by some unknown grace have decided to share with me the deepest and darkest and scariest and most luminous regions of their hearts, minds, and bodies. I know I speak with most of you during difficult and challenging times – when the darkness is great – and for this I am honored. To walk into the darkness with you is a gift from beyond. 

Looking out over the ocean this morning, the reality of the preciousness of this life is sometimes too much. How will the nervous system, this heart, this body contain it all without shattering? This life has been so complete, so overflowing with love. If I am graced with another day tomorrow, I will fall down in the sand with profound gratitude. If today turns out to be my last then I will fall into eternity with the same.