Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inside the cells of the heart of the beloved one...

It can be so scary to let someone really matter to us: whether it’s a new lover, our long-time partner, an old friend, an ex-wife or husband, our therapist, our parents, our children, a co-worker. There is a part of us that just doesn’t want to take that risk – that somehow we won’t be met, that our tender heart will be shattered, that we’ll have to feel a sadness that we fear might destroy us. But what choice do we have? Is there actually an alternative? 

Love demands that for just one moment we set aside our fears, our strategies, our transcendent spiritualities, our need for certainty, and our belief that somehow we can resolve this life in any fundamental way – and allow the other to mean everything; to somehow be willing to remain unbearably exposed, utterly naked on the ground in tatters inside the cells of the heart of the beloved one, however she appears, in whatever form she takes. For it is in that moment we realize that love has absolutely nothing to offer, except for everything we could ever, ever want.