Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tiny particles of star-grace…

As these infinite cycles of death and rebirth play out, as love forever and into eternity takes shape as this human body, a call from beyond makes its away over the thundering silence: a bird singing, the rose bush blooming wildly, squirrels playing in the tree, smells of food from the neighbor’s house, the clanging of the wind chimes, the baby across the street longing to be held, the tingling in the fingers from a life of so much typing, the remembrance of the day’s to-do list, the reminder of all of the responsibilities of this life. All of these appearances, like echoes, like mirages, like rainbows… translucent, luminous, intimate invitations into the heart-center of the jeweled palace of love – each a subtle reminder of the only response to this life which makes any sense: gratitude for the opportunity of even one moment of beholding the transforming reality of love in all of its forms. 

To allow oneself to die and be re-born by love, over and over, and to let love re-wire this nervous system, each cell of this tender heart, and each light-strand of DNA which has assembled this body from tiny particles of star-grace. And to somehow allow this day, these thoughts, these feelings, these emotions, these sensations to give their gifts – without the endless demand for things to be different, to be having some better “spiritual” experience or some other amazing “higher” state of consciousness – to receive these precious ones before it is too late, before this body is given back to love and this most unbearably vulnerable, raw, and most rare human grace-field is scattered back into and throughout the galaxies.