Saturday, August 4, 2012

The whisper of the rain

Just back from a walk in the rain, each raindrop a unique expression of love’s movement in this world of time and space, each one feeling just a little bit different as it touches me so tenderly. It’s almost too much, really, as if each drop comes crashing through the ribcage, landing on a fully exposed and unprotected heart. How to withstand this sort of meeting? Each drop just wanting to make a connection, to be allowed all the way in, to be met as the never-to-be-seen again expression of love that it is. Each drop whispering: Let me touch you, take the risk of allowing me in, enter into union with me, don’t turn away, friend, even for a moment. I have something precious to share with you. Please, somehow allow this level of intimacy between us, allow me to flow right through your clothing, through your skin, through any barrier in your heart that is between us.

Really, we are very much like these sweet raindrops. When I look into the eyes of those I meet – and I speak with many of you and listen carefully to your own unique voices - that same presence, that same longing, that same vulnerable call from the heart: Do you see me? Look at me! Hold me, love me, contain me, meet me, allow my sweet yummy nectar to fully penetrate every cell, every strand of your being. Let all of the barriers between us fall away and let us enter into union together. We want to love, and be loved, to see and be seen, to hold and be held, as a raindrop given to each of us by the Beloved that we may enter into communion with her, and to receive the mystery and the grace of this life. How rare. How precious. How tenderly sweet. I can’t imagine being any luckier than I am in this very moment…