Saturday, August 25, 2012

The many faces of grace...

Many of us believe that it is through expansive spiritual experiences that we grow the most – through the cosmic insights, the powerful high states of consciousness, and the extended moments of joy and bliss, where we’re happy and content and flowing down a river of unimaginable peace. And of course this is possible. But as I continue to speak with people around the world, I’m reminded that this isn’t always – or even often – the case. What I’m seeing – and what many of you are reporting as well – is that it is in and through the most difficult and challenging times that your hearts are really opening. Whether it be through the pain of the ending of a relationship, a physical challenge, difficulties in your work life, or through feelings of loneliness, depression, or anxiety, when we stay committed to staying fully embodied to what arises in our experience, a once-in-a-life-time opportunity is laid out before us. 

We are seeing that there are infinite doorways into the love, intimacy, and aliveness that we so sweetly long for – and they often do not look like we thought they would. We are seeing that the precious flow of grace has very little to do with feeling good or having certain feelings present or having Life meet our endless expectations about how love should move; we are seeing that this is very much unchartered territory. We don’t really know – and likely never will – the mysteries of love’s expression. 

Yes, sometimes grace is sweet, but sometimes it is fierce, for Life will make use of any form, any life situation, any relationship, and any heart in its radical reorganization of our lives, to establish us as vehicles of love. So let us open in this day to the ever-mysterious flow of grace, in all its forms, for we never know how love will make use of us. In this way we accept the most precious invitation that love is always offering to pour unimpeded through our lives, through our hearts, and out into the heart of another, in ways we’ll likely never understand.