Sunday, August 12, 2012

The love that inspires the earth to to spin around the sun...

Enter here and lose everything. What sort of invitation is this? Who would be so foolish to give what love truly demands? It is so common to seek love for what it will give to us. This is very natural and also very sweet, in a certain way. Unfortunately, love is the destroyer of time, of space, of separation, of distance, of me and my protected heart. Love will radically re-organize *everything* - and there is a part of us that knows this.

There is no piece of our broken-open heart that will not be changed forever in one moment of allowing love all the way in. No more hiding, no more holding back, no more fascination with our spiritual experiences, no more pretending that the other does not deeply matter, no more protection, no more ground, no more certainty. These are no longer available. And in this one sacred moment of losing absolutely everything, with the heart in millions of shattered pieces, touching that most precious sadness that so sweetly inspires the earth to spin around the sun, everything we have ever longed for is laid out before us.