Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Risking everything for union...

A sweet little hummingbird at 8000 feet, offering herself into the field we share together, somehow mysteriously beholding this sunrise with me. How can her light-presence enter all the way inside my heart? No more me, no more sunrise, no more mountains, no more hummingbird; only tender, raw, vulnerable, unguarded exposure. Is the friend inside me – or outside? How could this be happening? How does the heart get turned inside-out such that it is on the outside of the skin, instead of safe, secure, and protected within the cave of the inner body? Way beyond intimacy – she is all the way inside me, and me in her. How will this nervous system ever contain such grace? – it is overwhelming so often. Even the gentle blowing of the wind, the scent of the mountain wildflowers, the blueness of the sky, love-sounds all around, penetrating all the way inside the strands of DNA… no longer anywhere to hide from love and its unbearable demands. How will I ever survive this much vulnerability? The red-ness of red, the purple-ness of purple, the blue-ness of blue – is it too much? Oh my. 

The beloved as she takes form as everything that could ever arise, here and now taking shape as a sweet little hummingbird who has somehow given everything for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for communion. She has come so close, opening herself, risking everything for union. What is your invitation, sweet one? “I only wish for you to see me, just once, all the way through,” she whispers. “Will you take just one moment, out of time, and hold me, touch me with your heart and your entire body? Enter all the way in…” Time stops, dizziness, disorientation – light exploding out of the essence of all form, following the beloved as she infuses the galaxies with her love.  And out of that timelessness, that love which organizes this and all universes, flooding the apparent space between mountain, human, flower, hummingbird, morning sun. No longer perceivable were her infinite forms, only love remained; and in the same moment the precious uniqueness of flower, of human, of hummingbird, of mountain, of morning sun. Duality, nonduality, waking, sleeping, human, divine – all spiritual concepts obliterated in the raging furnace of grace… the sweetest reminder of the mystery of one – and of two – illuminating the love-display that is this life. 

The Beloved, taking her form in each and every thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, image – and in each person we meet, pouring through their big beautiful eyes, in an eternal flow of luminosity. The Beloved… always waiting to be seen. Will we allow ourselves to meet her today?

From my cabin @ The Wake Up Festival… http://www.wakeupfestival.com