Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beholding the stardust as it drips with love

Perhaps the journey is not so much about how we can get more love, more peace, more joy, more awakening, or more special spiritual experiences, but rather how we can somehow allow ourselves to become luminous, transparent vessels for love to move through us. As we open all the way, offering this very body, these senses, sharing the cells of this very heart in a way that is unbearably unprotected, we become vehicles for the transportation of grace. 

But to do so we must be willing to risk it all – to be so exposed, to know that the heart will break over and over, to be willing for everything to matter, to no longer hide out all safe and protected within our spiritual and awakening fantasies. When we finally see that life is not interested in the “me and my experiences” show or how awakened you are or how “high” your state is, the energies of the sun, the moon, and the galaxies are called down; you behold the stardust as it drips with love out of the infinity and eternity of the sky, bursting in the celebration of the flowered heart. And then come to rest knowing that there is nothing left to get from this life, but only everything to give. I’m not sure how we could be any luckier…