Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Open the grace-door

Rumi says, “Look as long as you can at the friend you love, no matter whether that friend is moving away from you or coming toward you.” Each thought, each feeling, each image, each emotion, each sensation in the body are given as gifts from beyond, each with their own unique color, signature, and fragrance. They arrive as guests, with a secret message: please, see me, know me, hold me, let me all the way in to your being; please don't turn away. These friends, our sensual friends, are sometimes moving toward us, often times moving away, but in one moment of true love, we enter into their sacred world, and receive the rarest once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for communion. So whether the guest of sadness, tenderness, rawness, vulnerability, grief, or loneliness appears today, open the grace-door hidden in the center of your heart, invite these friends in for tea, for they have something very important to share.