Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love and the radical reorganization of life

We all want to stay open to our experience—to our hearts, to our feelings, to the wisdom of our bodies, to the challenges of relationship, to our commitment to seeing clearly. But we can also stay open in those times when we close, when we shut down, when it’s all just too much. Even when we inevitably “fail,” when we’re less than honest with ourselves, when we fall apart, when we crumble in vulnerability in the face of the rawness of this life, we can meet whatever arises with an unconditional friendliness. We can pause, look up into the sky or at a blossoming flower or into the eyes of a loved one or right in the mirror, and appreciate the vastness of what we’ve really committed to on the path of awakening. 

We are wired to protect ourselves, to survive, to turn away from that which is difficult. Let us take just a moment and behold this precious, bittersweet mystery, placed inside us by an intelligence far greater than we could ever know. When we are somehow miraculously called to organize our lives around something other than safety, security, and comfort, we invite life to come in and radically re-organize *everything*, to demonstrate to us the majesty of the transforming movement of love. In one moment of radical compassion, we can see that all of our crazy strategies, regretful ways of speaking, and wish-we-could-take-that-back ways of acting are our best efforts to care for ourselves and others. Let us be willing to hold ourselves like a new mother holds her sweet little baby, embracing the perfection of the struggle to live a life devoted to love, in all its challenge and holy madness. And more than anything, let us remember to be kind to ourselves on the journey, to open wide to all of the ways we don’t quite live up to our expectations, to allow the heart to guide us home, carrying us down a river of grace that is far beyond our capacity to understand.