Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Future of Spirituality: Why It Must Be Integral... a new video series with Ken Wilber

We are happy to announce a historic video series with Ken Wilber and Tami Simon on Integral Spirituality. In this very recent and intimate production, Ken and Tami discuss Ken’s current views of the spiritual journey, and the ways we can update our approaches to the contemplative life, opening ourselves to deeper and deeper access to-- and expression of-- radical freedom, wisdom, love, and compassion. 

This inspiring program, shot at Ken's loft in Denver, will be made available starting 9/4. We're accepting pre-registrations at an early, discounted price, through 7/31. To learn more and to watch the video trailer, please see


“The enlightened person of today and of 2,000 years ago are equally free,” says Wilber. But now, for the first time in human history, we have the potential for a far more expansive, fuller spiritual experience than ever before possible.

This candid, heart-to-heart conversation between Ken Wilber and host Tami Simon turns the spotlight to the ways that spirituality is evolving right now, and why it matters to all of us on a meditative or contemplative spiritual path.

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