Sunday, July 15, 2012

Disembodiment is a requirement of neurosis

“Disembodiment is a requirement for neurosis.” Bruce Tift, a profoundly gifted therapist and Sounds True author, made this comment in a recent interview for our Insights at the Edge podcast series. This statement is so rich and multi-layered, and echoes much of what I’ve been sharing recently on facebook ( and through this blog. When we commit fully to our immediate experience, as it is, turning directly inward and burning up in the conditioned, habitual tendency to exit (whether through relative distractions or into some magnificent “very very high” state of consciousness), there is no longer fertile soil for neurosis to take root. When we can find a way to stay at the sensation level of experience, we might come to see in a very direct way that whatever arises in our lives—whatever thought, feeling, emotion, image, conclusion, longing, no matter how disturbing—is ultimately and immediately workable. 
 We might discover that our lives are really not problems that need to be “transcended,” that *this* state of consciousness right here, right now, offers endless gifts and is the only expression of grace that could ever be. We might see that our strategies and spiritual goals of getting into some other state, some other place, having yet one more conditioned experience may be a subtle way of dishonoring the sacredness of this one treasured human life. The radical commitment to our embodied immediate experience, we might begin to see, is the doorway to a life beyond belief, into the center of our being, into the illumined, love-filled strands of our DNA. This love is always and already right here, right now, just waiting for you to care enough, to risk enough, and to love *this* experience so much that the habitual momentum to scramble into some “other” and “high” state dissolves entirely into the grace-ocean of your one sweet and precious heart.