Saturday, July 14, 2012

Allowing it all to matter

In love there is absolutely no longer any room for our personal identity projects (especially the spiritual ones). In love all of our conditioned history is utterly excruciatingly exposed. The heart is somehow on the outside of our skin, no longer protected and all safe and snuggly and secure and protected behind our spiritual personas. In love all of our spiritual accomplishments, “high high” states of consciousness, and our other spiritual hopes, fears, and fantasies finally fall apart (thank god). Love has absolutely nothing to offer, except of course absolutely everything that our sweet tender vulnerable hearts could ever want. 

The lover is no longer concerned, on any level, about having some sort of pre-programmed, conditioned feeling or emotion, has absolutely no interest in some other fabulous “high” state of consciousness or spiritual experience. The movement toward the “divine” or to the absolute or to any future constructed spiritual fantasy land has fallen away. All that remains for the lover is a total willingness to fully commit to this body, these senses, this raw pulsing heart and to being a vessel for grace to pour through, radically re-orienting this world, cell by cell. And for all of it to matter. No more interest in transcending anything, no more interest in some “divine” reality somewhere else, arriving in 2012 or through any other conditioned fantasy grounded in me and my specialness… but only interested in right here, right now, forever committed to the tender and radically exposed human heart, and the miracle of love as it pours through this reality, as it is, revealed in the luminosity of the most intimate, sacred embodied immediacy.